Training Tips

New to running or need a boost during training? Find helpful training tips, nutrition and other advice to get you moving in the right direction. We’re here to help so if you need further assistance, please reach out to us at and we’ll help connect you to the right place. Happy running!

Wellness Wisdom

To help you continue with a healthy and fit lifestyle, we have assembled a group of experts from our runDallas Board who will be providing weekly tips on training and nutrition. Follow us on Instagram as we post a new tip each Friday or see below for past training tips!

How do I avoid injuries?

< Go back to Training Tips pageHow do I avoid injuries?Avoid injuries by paying attention to your body and the signals it sends. If something is sore or tender on one side, give it some extra love and attention with the roller, stick or massage therapy so it...

What are the best ways to recover?

< Go back to Training Tips pageWhat are the best ways to recover?Recovery entails proper sleep, nutrition, stress management, easy runs, days off, myofascial work, etc. This is very easy if you incorporate these at the early stages of your training. Chiropractic...

Coconut Oil – Facts and Fables?

< Go back to Training Tips pageCoconut Oil – Facts and Fables?Coconut oil has more saturated fat (91%!!) than any other type of fat, including more than TWICE as much as lard (only 43%). Saturated fat directly causes increases in LDL, the bad cholesterol,...

Train with UCAN

The perfect partner to help get you through the long runs

Using UCAN products throughout your training will give you steady, long-lasting energy for your workouts to help you finish stronger. Make your calories count with UCAN and eliminate the need to rely on sugary sports fuels before, during, and after your run.

Per-run: Drink UCAN Performance Energy 30 minutes before your run. 1 serving of our stomach-friendly fuel delivers 90+ minutes of sustained energy with no spikes and no crash. Try a UCAN Bar instead if you prefer to eat your pre-run snack.

Post-run: Refuel with UCAN Performance Energy + Protein for a mix of energy-sustaining carbohydrates to prevent a post-run crash + protein to repair and rebuild your muscles.

Learn more about the Official Nutrition Partner of the BMW Dallas Marathon and where to find UCAN on race day HERE!