2019 Tracking App

Participants, family & friends can all use LIVE RESULTS to share in the excitement on race day. Get status of participants in real-time using the live tracker & leaderboard. Details such as time, pace, position on the course map and estimated finish will be instantly available!

The 2019 BMW Dallas Marathon Weekend of Events LIVE RESULTS is now available via web at: https://rtrt.me/bmwdm.

Have a smartphone? Download the RUNFARUSA Mobile App at https://rtrt.me/app/bmwdm and select the 2019 BMW Dallas Marathon event.

Certified Results Requests

Certified results will be sent to the Boston Marathon. Any special request for providing results to other events should be made in writing to:

BMW Dallas Marathon
718 North Buckner Blvd., Suite 424
Dallas, TX 75218

Past Results