2021 BMW Dallas Marathon Festival FAQs


When is the 50th Anniversary of the BMW Dallas Marathon Festival?

The 50th Anniversary of the BMW Dallas Marathon Festival has been rescheduled to December 10th – 12th, 2021. 

What time does the race start?

Start time for runners in the marathon, half marathon, ultra and the relays is 8:30 a.m. All participants will be assigned a corral and corral loading time.

What if race day weather is bad?

The BMW Dallas Marathon is held rain or shine. Weather forecasts will be monitored prior to the event, with special attention placed on the possibility of heavy rain, thunder and lightning, high winds and extreme temperatures. If necessary, participants will be made aware of these conditions and possible dangers that could result via the BMW Dallas Marathon website, as well as through other means of communication such as e-mail, social media and public-address announcements.

Race officials, in consultation with the city of Dallas, National Weather Service and other officials, will monitor the weather and decide if any action will be taken to modify the race. Visible lightning will cause the race to be delayed.

If the race is canceled, it will not be re-scheduled. BMW Dallas Marathon refunds and/or deferrals will not be made by the Dallas Marathon in the case of inclement weather cancellations.

Is there a marathon and half marathon time limit?

Yes, there is a time limit. Click HERE to read more about it.

Is it possible to run on a relay team and also continue to run the full or half marathon?

Yes, you can run both the first leg of the relay race and then continue the marathon or half marathon course. You will need to be entered in both events and wear your relay bib over your marathon/half marathon bib number. Once you hand off the relay wristband at the exchange zone you must remove your relay bib and can then continue with the marathon/half marathon race.

Are there any specific rules that apply to athletes with disabilities wishing to participate?

Yes, please click HERE for a full list of rules. For those atheletes with disabilities who would like to participate in this year’s event, please reach out to marcus@rundallas.com for more information.

Where can I find the official rules for the 2021 BMW Sweepstakes?

For a complete list of rules, please visit HERE.

How can I confirm my 50th Anniversary registration?

You can confirm your registration by clicking HERE.

Can I transfer my BMW Dallas Marathon registration to a friend or family member?

No. Due to USATF rules and regulations, each participant must register themselves and sign their own waiver. Any walker or runner who is participating with another participant’s bib number will have their BMW Dallas Marathon results disqualified at the discretion of the race director.

Is it possible to switch races?

You may only transfer to a race that has not sold out. You will be assessed a transfer fee and the difference between the current race price and the original price you paid. Please note that registration for any BMW Dallas Marathon Weekend event is non-refundable.

You may only participate in the race for which you are registered. For example, if you are registered for the Full Marathon or Relay you may not run the Half Marathon course. You will receive the finish line medallion for the race bib you are wearing – finishers with full marathon bibs receive a full marathon medal, finishers with half marathon bibs receive a half marathon medal and relay team members will receive a relay medal (after each individual leg).

Can I register by mail?

We do not accept mail-in registration. Registration is only accepted online. Going “paperless” is an environmentally-friendly decision that makes sense for the marathon. In addition to helping our environment, going paperless helps in other ways. Our event is primarily run by volunteers and moving away from mail-in registration frees our time to improve other areas of our race and ultimately donate more time and money to our beneficiary. Thank you for understanding!

Is it possible to get a deferral or refund of my registration fees if I am unable to participate due to injury or an unforeseen circumstance?

Unfortunately, there are no deferrals or refunds in case you are unable to participate for any reason. We are a non-profit that benefits Scottish Rite for Children, so the proceeds will go to a great cause!

Will the Marathon, Half Marathon and Relay sell out?

Each race is capped and expected to sell out.

2-Person Half Marathon & 5-Person Marathon Relays

Can walkers participate in the relay?

Teams can either run or walk the course (or a combination of both) as long as they are able to complete the 13.1-mile course (2-Person Relay) within 4 hours or the 26.2-mile course (5-Person Relay) within 6.5 hours. Each runner or walker will cover between 3 and 7 miles, depending on their relay leg.

Do relay team members receive t-shirts and medals?

All members of each registered team will receive a participant shirt, a finisher shirt and a relay finisher medal. Both the participant and finisher shirts will be given to the team captain at packet pick-up located at the Expo.

Finisher medals will be handed out at the exchange points and at the finish line to the final runner of each team.

Do all relay team members need to be at the start line?

No, only the runners that are running the first leg need to go to the start line. The other team members can go directly to the exchange zone points. Please see the ‘Relay Exchange Info’ section HERE to find out locations of each exchange zone. 

Virtual BMW Dallas Marathon

What is the Virtual BMW Dallas Marathon?

The Virtual BMW Dallas Marathon is a race experience on your own time and your own course (i.e. treadmill, park, neighborhood, etc.). Guests can run or walk the distance they are registered for at a location of their choice between Saturday, December 11th and Friday, December 31st. While we encourage the distance to be completed in one segment, guests may choose to complete their race distance over multiple days.

What events are available for the Virtual BMW Dallas Marathon?

Guests may choose from any of our in-person event options: Friday Night Lights Mile, 5K, 10K, Half Marathon, 2-Person Half Marahton Relay, Marathon, 5-Person Marathon Relay or the 50K Ultra Marathon.

Who can participate in the Virtual BMW Dallas Marathon event?

Anyone can participate! We encourage your friends and family to join you in your virtual event. Please note, the virtual event is only available to US-domestic participants.

How long will registration be open?

Virtual event registration will be open until Wednesday, Decmber 8th.

What do I get for running the Virtual BMW Dallas Marathon?
  • Event experience on your time and on your course
  • Tri-blend short-sleeve participant shirt
  • Performance blend long-sleeve finisher shirt (event specific; Ultra Marathon, Marathon, Half Marathon and Relay participants only)
  • Commemorative Finisher Medal (event specific)
  • Commemorative Event Bib
  • Event Packet including 50th anniversary amenities and samples from our sponsors
  • Chance to win a new special edition 2021 BMW
  • Access to virtual race tracking & results (via Race Roster & RunKeeper)
  • Donation to Scottish Rite for Children
How and when do I get my virtual event packet?

Virtual event packets will be available for pick-up at our Health & Fitness Expo taking place Friday, December 10th (11am-7pm) and Saturday, December 11th (9am-6pm) located at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center.

When do I run my virtual event?

Run or walk your race at a time that works best for you between Saturday, December 11th and Friday, December 31st.

How do I choose / create a course for my event?

We recommend choosing a course for your virtual event that is first and foremost safe & free from heavy vehicular traffic and secondly one that you are familiar with. Now whether you would like to challenge yourself by choosing a course that has more inclines / declines, one that has many turns, or one that is on various surfaces is completely up to you. See below a few tips for choosing / creating your course:

  • Map out your course beforehand to ensure an accurate distance
  • Think about any possible hazards or areas that might impede your run / walk
  • Choose a course or area that you are familiar with
  • Complete a training run / walk in the area before your event
  • Plan your rest / aid stops ahead of time
  • If there are many turns on your course plan out how you will remember them
  • Tell friends & family where & when you will be running or walking
  • Stay on top of weather forecasts the days leading up to your event
How do I record and submit my time?

We recommend using the Runkeeper app to track & time your run or walk. The Runkeeper app is available on most Smartphones and can be used on an AppleWatch. Other tracking apps and watches may also be used (Garmin, Strava, Map My Run, etc.). Please ensure you accurately record your distance & time or upload a screenshot of your distance & time to your Race Roster dashboard HERE.

On your Race Roster dashboard, select “Add Activity.” On the next screen you will input the date and time of your activity and the distance covered.

If you are participating in a virtual challenge and would like to use the Runkeeper app, an email will be sent to you a week before the virtual event begins. Add your event to your Runkeeper app by clicking the link provided in the email. When you’re ready to participate:

  • Open the Runkeeper app on a mobile device
  • Click the “start” tab
  • Tap the in-app checkered flag and select your event
  • Follow the prompts to record your participation
Will there be awards for the Virtual event?

We will not be offering top finisher or age group finisher awards for the Virtual BMW Dallas Marathon. The virtual event experience is one that is based on the honor system and one that has a large variance in types of terrain and course design amongst guests. With that, we do not feel it is rational to award anyone for their specific performance outside of finishing the event distance.

Can I qualify for the Boston Marathon?

While your virtual course might be the best designed course it is not officially certified, therefore times ran / walked are not eligible to qualify for the Boston Marathon.

Packet Pick-up & Expo

Where is the Health & Fitness Expo located?

The BMW Dallas Marathon Health & Fitness Expo will be located at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center located at 650 S. Griffin St., Dallas, TX 75202.

Is the Health & Fitness Expo free to attend?

Yes! Anyone can attend the Health & Fitness Expo in Dallas at no charge.

When and where is packet pick-up?

Packet pick-up will be located at the Health & Fitness Expo during the following dates and times:
Friday, December 10th from 11am – 7pm and on Saturday, December 1th from 9am – 6pm.

All bib pick-up and race packets must be picked up during these times. Packet pick-up is not available on race day.

How does packet pick-up work for Relay Teams?

Only one person will need to pick up the relay team packet. It can either be the team captain or any other member of the team. Be sure to know your team name when you come to packet pick-up.

Can someone else pick up my packet for me?

No. Due to increased marathon security, every runner must pick up their own race packet at the BMW Dallas Marathon Health & Fitness Expo. We will not be able to make exceptions.

Start Line & Corral

When will I know what corral I am in?

Race numbers will be sent via email the Wednesday before race day. Your corral assignment will be printed on your race bib that you will receive at packet pick-up. Corral assignments are made based on the estimated finish time that you entered during registration. A corral map will be printed on the back of your race bib, which you will need to pick-up at the Health & Fitness Expo.

What time do I need to be in my corral?

The BMW Dallas Marathon start time will be split into three separate start times based on which corral you are in. This helps start line efficiency and improve the overall runner experience. This information (as well as a map) will be printed on the back of your race bib.

  • Corral A – closes at 8:25 am, starts at 8:30 am
  • Corral B – closes at 8:35 am, starts at 8:40 am
  • Corral C – closes at 8:45 am, starts at 8:50 am
  • Corral D – closes at 8:45 am, starts at 9:00 am

(all corrals open at 6:00am on race morning)

Can I change which corral I start in?

You will only be permitted to move backwards. For example, if you have been assigned corral B, you can to start in corral C if you’d like, however, you may not move forward into A.